What the bleep do we know?!

What the Bleep do We Know?! movie presents an unusual format of half documentary, half film about the world of quantum physics and what the latest discoveries in this field reveal, with a slight spiritual slant. The documentary side of the movie is the most scientific with scientists interviews. While the storyline of the film focuses on a female photographer and how her mental attitude affects her daily life.

The documentary concludes that the apparently chaotic quantum field is actually influenced by our thoughts, positive or negative. Some may find this thought terrifying by itself. Others may find it comforting to know they have some level of control over the physical world. I guess it all depends on how much each one of us is in control of our thoughts.

Trailer of What the Bleep do We Know?!

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
~ Carl Gustav Jung


~ by Ant. on 26 February 2006.

One Response to “What the bleep do we know?!”

  1. I bought the Quantum Edition of What the Bleep do we know. Thinking positively can encourage a healthy lifestyle. However, quantum physics does not work that way at all. Any positive things that happen to you, are not magical. Also, thinking positively is an extremely dangerous substitution for medicine.

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